To provide world class manufacturing with AAR (American Association of Railway) Certification . Using high class   components with specifications that meet or exceed industry expectations, achieving this through our continuous commitment to innovation and total quality with modern management.

Maintaining QA/QC across every aspect of our manufacturing process and taking pride in our teamwork spirit, continuous improvement through training and our open door policy, where we believe there are constructive results concerning the development of our capabilities and quality of our products to achieve customer satisfaction.

To provide the highest ethical standards, a business base and solid financial background, excellent manufacturing facilities and our extensive experience in machining, assembly, inspection and total quality. We are committed to growth and increasing our capacity including re-investment in equipment and facilities. 

We are dedicated and committed to supporting each and every one of our contracts as providers. With the belief that we belong to a society were building and maintaining relationships is essential to business success.

Quality Policy

At CalderUTC Rail we are dedicated to the maintenance, repair and manufacture of parts of the railway industry as well as the injection of plastic parts, with personnel committed to satisfying the needs of our customers, continuously improving our production and service processes, thereby fulfilling the quality objectives entrusted.

  1. Maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction.
  2. Comply 100% of the services according to the delivery time established by customers.
  3. Increase the technical level of the staff with the training and development of their skills to provide a timely and effective service.